NOMAD: Next-Generation multi-destination search engine for travelers

Introducing Nomad, a revolutionary and unique way to painlessly plan your multi-destination trip.

Our official definition goes something like this “Nomad is a specialized multi-destination connection search, where the algorithm suggests the optimal route, transport mode, and staying length with the best price based on the non-rigid search parameters entered by the user.”

But in simple words, It is a multi-destination search with superpowers. Nomad will turn your vague trip plan into a concrete actionable itinerary.

Let’s assume you want to travel to London, Paris, Athens, Madrid, and Rome. You finally got your leaves approved, and you have a vague idea on when to start your trip and when to return. Now you need to open your favorite flight search app or website and manually search all possible combination of flights and stay duration yourself, you quickly see how devastating and tedious this task is because of the sheer number of combinations of flights, dates, stay length and other specific requirements. You’ll need to spend a countless number of hours to get everything right.

For the first time in the metasearch engine domain, FareFirst introduces Nomad. This revolutionary technology will simplify all of the above use cases.

  1. Start with your place of choice and specify a flexible range of journey start date.

Nomad will intelligently shuffle all the destinations, calculate the best trip plan by going through innumerable number combination and find the cheapest and best flight route path.

Note: If places cannot be reached by flights for specific dates, we might include trains and buses as well in the results.

Step by step guide

Nomad is currently available exclusively on our FareFirst Android app and website. Nomad will be available on iOS soon.

Follow these steps to quickly get started with Nomad.


Let’s say New York is your hometown and you would like to start your journey from New York airport, you can fill this information in the “From” Section

You can either

  • Specify a date for departure, in case you want to leave from home town on the exact date.

Note: It is always advisable to select a range of dates for departure to increase the flights’ availability and to maximize the savings.


This is where our actual trip planning begins. You can add your desired destinations one-by-one here. To keep things simpler for this tutorial, for now, let’s select one of our prefilled trip plans to give you the full experience of Nomads’ capabilities.

Slide your finger right on the screen and choose Europe, and then click on “Select destination

As soon as you click Europe, you will see that popular destinations from Europe are prefilled.

Let’s come back later to see how each destination can be customized, now simply scroll to the bottom and click search.

Note: The order of the places mentioned here doesn’t matter, we will shuffle them in order to give you the best and cheapest deals.


Nomad has found you the best combination of flights by taking multiple combinations of stay durations and dates.

For just $537, you can travel to from New York to seven different cities across Europe and fly back to New York. Isn’t that amazing! The cities covered here are London, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Athens, and Prague.

Note: Accommodation costs are not included. $537 here includes only transport fare.


By default, we plan your multi-destination trip by searching across flights, trains, and buses for your transport.

If you need to avoid any of these transport methods, you can customize it in the filter screen.

If the flight is one of your options, you can optionally select if you require only direct flights.

Manually add destinations

You can add the destinations manually as well. Click on the first card which says “Create new trip” to start adding your favorite destinations one-by-one.

You can add more destinations by clicking on the “Add a destination” button.

Advanced options

To delete any destination from the list, you can click on the trashcan icon placed on the top right of each destination.

To customize the stay length or dates you can click on the “Customize” button on the destination you would like to tweak.

This is the screen you would see after clicking on “Customize”. In this tutorial, let’s assume we are customizing London. You can repeat these customizations to each destination as you like.

Change destination

The first section lets you change the destination itself. Click on London and you will be able to search for most of the cities in the world and replace London with it.

Change stay duration

You can provide your approximate stay duration in London. The two slider pointers will allow you to choose a minimum and a maximum number of nights you would like to stay in the destination.

Note: If you want to stay in London for exactly 6 days, move both the sliders to 6

Date range

You can optionally specify if you need to be in London between specific dates. Please note that it is best to let FareFirst decide the best dates, if you customize this, you might get less number of results.
In the night range, you have selected 2–8 nights, now in the date range you can select say 15th Nov to 30th Nov. Nomad will suggest you the 2–8 night range between 15th-30th Nov after searching. (Eg: In the result screen it might select 4 nights as best stay in London and the dates might be 17th arrival in London and 21st might be the departure)

Note: The date range you select must be bigger than the night range you selected in the previous step.

Exact dates of arrival and departure

If you tick the checkbox at the bottom, you will able to choose the exact date of arrival and departure for that destination. In this example, your requirement is to land in London on 11th Nov and leave London on 17th Nov. Note: This is something similar to the multi-city search of our app.

Customize return

By default, you return back to the place where you started the trip. In this case, you would come back to New York after your trip.

FareFirst will choose the best date to return to New York based on your destinations. It is recommended to keep the return dates as Anytime.

Let’s say you wish to go to Boston after visiting all the destinations, you can untick the checkbox at the bottom, and select the place you want to be. Optionally you can also choose a date range to end the trip.


  • Nomad will make your trip planning easier and engaging.



FareFirst is a next-generation travel metasearch engine focusing on providing the best fares by comparing results from hundreds of OTAs and airlines

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FareFirst is a next-generation travel metasearch engine focusing on providing the best fares by comparing results from hundreds of OTAs and airlines